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* Design and processing

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The company has full-time PhD students in engineering
majors at national key universities, full-time master
students, undergraduate graduates, And top masters
with 30 years of diamond industry design, cutting and
polishing experience.
The company is equipped with Israel Sarine's
professional laser cutting machine, rough design
machine, high-definition HD finished machine,
Olympus ultra-high-definition microscope,
diamond grinding equipment, colored gemstone
grinding equipment, and professional
testing equipment for parallelism of small tables.

For product testing, the company has professional
high-precision equipment for testing fluorescence,
stress, infrared spectroscopy, and Raman spectroscopy;

* Customized

Polishing of diamonds of various sizes and shapes
Customized according to customer's drawings, samples and requirements

* Repair Service

We can provide various types and shapes of anvil repair services, single-bevel repair, double-bevels repair,as well as
three bevels of repairs are available, after receiving the damaged anvil, it will be carefully checked to give the best 
maintenance plan, as far as possible to ensure the original size inconvenience, according to customer requirements,
Inch and height repairs, if the damage is too high to repair, we will not charge any repair costs.

Damaged 300um-8 °-100um
Repaired 300um-8 ° -50um

* Nanoindentation head

We can provide nanoindentation head, as shown below :

We can provide perfect nano-indentation indenters, Vickers hardness pyramid indenter,
Knoop hardness pyramid indenter, and repair services for nano-indentation indenters.

* Optical Grade Diamond Window Single Chip

We provide diamond single wafers for optical window testing, such as: 6 * 6 * 0.1mm,   5 * 5 * 0.1,   4 * 4 * 0.1,
3 * 3 * 0.1mm,   3 * 3 * 0.3mm, test diamond Under the condition of 13.5KeV, the transmittance is 90%, which
meets the requirements of optical level window.

Design paper

Customers can provide the own design
 And related indicator parameters

Finished product

Precision polishing
  Make finished products strictly according
 to requirements
Selection of various types of
rough blanks imported from abroad
Each rough rough is
screened layer by layer

Top rough

Each rough is finely polished
The size error range is
controlled at + -1um

Delicate polishing

30 years of industry
top master Handmade


Seiko Professional Focus 
Persevering for perfection

Keep improving

* Video display


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