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Megabar-Tech is relying on Shenzhen / Hong Kong's
first-line technology advantages and industry resources;
and national key scientific research institutions and
universities' resources;
Long-term research and development and production of
anvils and other related products. In addition, it has related
infrared spectrum test equipment and Raman spectrum test
equipment, which can accurately measure various types of
anvils and provide customers with the most suitable
anvils for different needs.

Focus on ultra-precision
machining of ultrahard 
materials technology
Diamond anvils pressing


Diamond anvils Standard Design,  
Diamond anvils Boehler Design
Diamond anvils Diacell Design,    
Moissanite anvils Standard Design,
Moissanite anvils Boehler Design,  
Moissanite anvils Diacell Design,
Sapphire anvils Standard Design,  
Sapphire anvils Boehler Design,

Anvils of various specifications and sizes with
mass production capacity


Comprehensive product, transparent price, WeChat / telephone customer service online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,
 And provide a wealth of follow-up services and guarantees.

Megabar-tech provides the perfect three - level service

The fastest shipment is three days
The minimum limit size is 20um mesa 
 Very high pressure if can not meet the pressure conditions can be replaced

Selection of various types of
rough blanks imported from abroad
Each rough rough is
screened layer by layer

Top rough

Each rough is finely polished
The size error range is
controlled at + -1um

Delicate polishing

30 years of industry
top master Handmade


Seiko Professional Focus 
Persevering for perfection

Keep improving


+(86) 186-8877-5329

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